Workplace Cooling Solutions


In addition to our warm air heating and dust extraction services we provide cooling and
renewable solutions for industrial and commercial premises.

Fresh Air Cooling

evaporative cooling Evaporative cooling is the most cost-effective way to reduce temperatures in the workplace. With cheap running costs and being able to work with doors and windows open, it is the right choice for large areas over conventional air conditioning.


  • pre-start wash of pads
  • direct axial flow fan system
  • pre-start wash of pads
  • after use auto rinse cycle
  • end of cycle drain
  • adjustable water change
  • gravity drain valve
  • exhaust mode
  • 11 litre sump
  • durable polymer construction
  • powerflow fan
  • magna-sensor auto water level
  • water management system


Air Fan Advanced Technology

Fan Motor

The motor features quality bearings with ultra high temperature grease, with a protected bearing life in excess of 30,000 hours.
The overall motor service life is projected to be in excess of 10 years, based on average annual usage. Mounting the motor after the fan blade ensures the highest air velocity over the motor. This maximises cooling and prevents moisture.

Fan Duty

The fan features a unique power flow fan with “golf ball” dimpled blades which increases fan efficiency and air flow. At typical velocities of 1.7m/sec, the pressure drop through the Cool Breeze cellulose pads is 20Pa.
This evaporative cooler has published BSRIA test results. The fan curve shows a flat rate of 0Pa with all pads in place.

Cellulose Pads

The unit utilises a long-life self supporting cellulose pads, impregnated with anti-rot salts, ridgifying saturates and wetting agents, with unique alternating, transverse flutes at different angles.
The design creates highly turbulent mixing between cooling water and air, enhancing evaporative efficiency and thus cooling results. Additionally the pads filter out particles as small as 10 microns, including most common allergens. Tests conducted by US Air Filter Test Laboratories in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52-76 (dust spot efficiency test) found the largest percentage of upstream particles were less than 0.5 microns in size.

Water Management

Electronic regulation of water level by measurement of ‘magnetic hall effect’ gives a consistent water level accurate to within 1mm.  No adjustment required, no rubber washers to wear or probes to corrode. The computer controlled water management system with patented Magna Sensor drain valve is vastly superior in performance, reliability and maintenance-free long life. It uses the simple counterweight principle of a tank of water and leverage to open and close the valve. There is virtually nothing to break or wear. The Magna Sensor valve uses a magnetic field principle to determine water level. It never needs adjusting. No Magna Sensor installed by Cool Breeze has ever failed.

Construction Materials

The housing, internal mouldings and sump are made from advanced BSF Luran-S Polymer material which is super strong, impact resistant, UV stable and totally corrosion free.

System Control

The new Cool Breeze control system gives industry-leading system management.

Features of the new controller include:

  • operator friendly
  •  fault diagnosis (water, pump etc)
  • optional remote shutdown via BMS
  • optional remote shutdown via timer
  •  optional humidity controlthe latest optional upgrade is the BMS CONTROL plus system
  • Monitor room temperature and humidity
  • Pres-set high and low limits Alarm to flag exceeded limits
  • Automatic switch on for a standby system if required
  • Text messages with status information to mobile phone
  • Feeds to connect to Building Management Software or Internet

General Ventilation

As the climate is changing and customers requirements are adapting to suit, Airteq keeps abreast of new technologies and technical solutions to enable us to provide equipment that is environmental friendly with low energy consumption, in line with current regulations and end-user targets.

Airteq specialises in air systems and accessories for purifying, diffusing and distributing air throughout industrial and residential buildings.

We offer a wide range of systems to suit your building requirements. Airteq both supplies and installs ventilation systems for the workplace to maintain a healthy workplace. A constantly circulating airstream to replace stale and noxious air is fundamental to a healthy work environment. If your process machinery produce fumes or condensation removing these from the working area is critical.

Airteq provide purpose made extraction solutions manufactured at our workplace and installed by experienced engineers.

We offer a wide range of extraction fans and ventilation equipment for applications across all industrial and Commercial sectors:


  • Fans for round ducts
  • Fans for rectangular ducts
  • Chimney fans
  • Sound-insulated fans
  • Centrifugal fans
  • Axial fans
  • Roof fans 
  • Air heating (cooling) unit
  • Air curtain
  • Destratificators

Airteq also supplies a complete range of AIR DISTRIBUTION COMPONENTS and ventilation ducts and fittings

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