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installing-machineAirteq offers expertise in numerous areas of the engineering. In brief, we specialise in the installation of extraction systems, heating systems and cooling.

Airteq’s workshop facilities have been developed to provide the fabrication of all manner of light-weight and medium-weight sheet metalwork products that are called for in both the dust extraction and ventilation industries. In addition to this we have experienced high quality fabricators who maintain the quality of our products and the machinery they are made from.

We aim to be flexible and being able to accommodate short-notice orders. Our excellent relationships with our material suppliers enable us to plan our production on a real time basis, thereby enabling us to price work extremely competitively.

We provide painted or plated finishes to our products and can accommodate most of our clients requests.

Associated services include provision of project proposals, budget costing and project management, skilled labour, finally plant and equipment installations. Included in this we cover

  • Subcontract ducting installations
  • Electrical Installations
  • Gas Pipe work and boiler installations
  • Roof fan installation
  • Compressed air services
  • Duct cleaning
  • Legionnaires Disease water monitoring and risk assessments

The Airteq service engineers are highly qualified in their respective trades and are constantly upgrading their skills as they have to keep up with all of the different types of Ventilation and extraction systems as these change with new technologies. Unlike many other companies, our service engineers will work on just about every type of ventilation, heating, cooling and fume & dust extraction equipment.

Airteq provide you with a straightforward way to look after your ventilation, heating, cooling, fume and dust extraction systems and we believe the best possible way to save you money is relying on us to provide you with a competitive maintenance regime that meet with your demands and system requirements.

Our portfolio of clients, include schools and colleges, industrial units and factories, Churches, halls, leisure centres and major contractors within the building trade, hospital maintenance and industrial sectors.

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