Wood Fired Heating

Airteq space heaters are the low cost solution for heating joinery and woodworking units, workshops or factories with wood heating. We can supply only as well as supply and install.

wood fire heatersAirteq also has a range of wood biomass boilers to suit a range of applications call us to discuss your heating projects

The Fabbri warm air heater from Airteq is a simple and efficient wood fired air heater that is ideal for heating large areas.

Everything about the heaters is robust and made to last. They have an elegant simplicity that belies the thought that has gone into these machines.

First of all to use any of the range is very easy. No time is lost with complicated manuals or training courses.

Once you have mastered the art of lighting a fire it takes only minutes to start. Equally the safety aspect has not been overlooked. Thermostats ensure that no energy is wasted.

The details

The Airteq range of Fabbri wood burning workshop heaters, have heat outputs from 29 to 399kW.

The range is suitable for burning, all types of dry seasoned wood and clean secondary waste wood but not manufactured wood such as treated wood, ply and MDF.

wood fire heaterThe fuel chambers are constructed of high grade stainless steel for long life, no fire bricks to change.

The fuel is loaded through an upper separate large fuelling door while the ash is removed through a lower access door. Each model is fitted with a large capacity ventilation fan which passes air over the workshop heater’s heat exchanger which is specially designed to be as efficient as possible.

This results in lower fuel consumption and higher heat outputs. The ventilation fan is automatically activated by the on board controls when heat is produced. At the end of the burning cycle the fan automatically switches off.

Models fitted with the external flue fan will ensure correct chimney operation whatever the
weather conditions.

Summer ventilation

A summer winter damper can be fitted onto the ducting system to allow burning through the summer.

An override switch is included so during warmer weather the unit workshop heater can be used as a cooling ventilation system.

Which size model for you?

surface m²
floor area volume  m³

F28 Biomass Space Heater 29 kW
100 / 150 m²
500 m³

F55 Biomass Space Heater 64 kW
200 / 250 m²
1,000 m³

F85 Biomass Space Heater 93 kW
300 / 350 m²
1,500 m³

F120 Biomass Space Heater 140 kW
500 / 600 m²
3,000 m³

F240 Biomass Space Heater 279 kW
1,000 m²
5,000 m³

F350 Biomass Space Heater 399 kW
1,800 m²
8,000 m³

Fill with any dry, seasoned wood and minutes later you have masses of hot air blasting into your workspace. Easy as one, two, three…

How it works

wood fire heatingRoom air is drawn into the space heater from a lower panel and is
circulated around the combustion chamber, where it is heated before being vented into the room via the ducts on the top.

The combustion gasses never mix with the clean heated air as the two chambers are completely separate

Can I burn any type of wood?

No. You can only burn dry or seasoned wood. You must not use painted, treated wood, sawdust or wood containing foreign objects or glue, which includes ply and MDF.

Burning these items may cause damage to your heater and the environment.

However you can use any other type of dry or seasoned wood, such as off cuts, broken pallets, waste

wood, split logs, pellets, briquettes as well as small quantities of paper and cardboard mixed with wood. Why not try our airteq briquette machine to help you mix materials.

Moisture meter

Airteq recommend that you purchase a moisture meter to ensure that your wood is perfect for burning.

wood fire heating

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