Briquette Machines

Quality Briquette Machines in Leicester

Why not turn your waste into value by recycling your wood waste, shredded paper or suitable biomass fuel.

With fuel costs rising why not turn your wood shavings, chips and dust into cash by recycling your biomass waste into quality briquettes instead of spending money sending your wood waste to landfill or even giving them away.

Airteq provides a range of briquette presses designed for applications within the small to medium sized joinery workshops. The presses serve the purpose of processing wood shavings and sawdust with a moisture content of between 8-15% into usable briquettes.

The briquetting process reduces the volume of waste materials, which then can be used to heat workshops.

Material types suitable for briquetting include,

Sawdust, wood shavings

MDF, DTD Materials

Wood and paper dust

Milled Paper

Milled biomass

Shredded Straw, Chaff

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PH Briquette Machine

Our PH Briquette Machine is designed for the domestic market, smaller joinery shop and small holdings. The briquette press is very compact, portable, economical to run. This useful machine fcan be used in small to medium joinery workshops,farms, mills, garden centres, timber suppliers,


  • Electricity supply: single phase 230V
  • Engine power: 3.42kW
  • Capacity of production: 6-15kg/h
  • Dimension of briquettes: 5.4cm diameter, variable length
  • briquette machineHopper capacity: 20-30kg
  • Working time : 12h
  • Dimension of machine: 170cmx50cmx100cm
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Packaged on pallet.
  • Delivery time 3-12 working days.
  • Warranty 18 month.
  • Spare & repair parts offered.
  • 24 hours help line.

The joinery shop range



a type

A type

hammer mill

Hammer Mill

KL 70  press

KL 70 Press

The automatic briquette packer is suitable for filling briquettes, pellets into plastic bags. The machine allows for easy filling of the waste bags and each bag will hold 35kg.


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