Cooling & Renewable


In addition to our warm air heating and dust extraction services we provide cooling and
renewable solutions for industrial and commercial premises.

Evaporative cooling

cooling renewable boxEvaporative cooling is the most cost effective way to reduce temperatures in the workplace. With cheap running costs and being able to work with doors and windows open, it is the right choice for large areas over conventional air conditioning.

The Cold AIR evaporative cooler cools the air by reducing the sensible heat contained in the air. The evaporation of the water that comes in contact with the treated air provides the reduction of the sensible heat in that air, as the external air passes through the specially structured cellulose wet filters, it looses part of its heat during the evaporation of the water and thus the air temperature falls, the air is cooled as it gives up the heat that is required to evaporate the water

Renewable Energy Solutions

solar panelsSolar PV (photovoltaics) technology allows you to generate electricity from daylight.
Solar Panels can be installed either connected to the grid or ‘off-grid’ by charging battery banks.

Heat Pumps are essentially super-efficient boilers, and use advanced technology to amplify heat collected from the air or under the ground to supply space heating and hot water. Heat Pumps can heat both under-floor and radiator heating systems.

Biomass Boilers are a logical replacement for existing gas, oil or LPG fed boilers. They offer the efficiency, control and technology of the most modern conventional energy-saving boilers, and are fuelled by pre-formed wood pellets or by wood-chips.

Wind Turbines can be installed either connected to the grid or ‘off-grid’ by charging battery banks. On the correct site, a wind turbine can produce an annual Return on Investment of an amazing 20% per annum. Returns are guaranteed for 20 years under the new

Government Feed-In-Tariff scheme, with Co2 savings per kW to match those of PV.

Commercial Air Conditioning & Industrial Cooling

air conditioningAirteq also supply and install a comprehensive range of Powermatic commercial air conditioning solutions, so whatever your requirements we can help you to find the best cooling system for your specific environment. We specialise in industrial air conditioning as well as commercial air conditioning

Working alongside our heating installation services, we also have highly skilled industrial cooling and commercial air conditioning engineers. We operate from our Office facility in Leicester covering surrounding areas and nationwide.

  • The range of air conditioners available are Highly efficient, cost effective, packaged heat pump air conditioners from Powrmatic along with a Midea range of units that utilise GMCC DC inverter technology. A Large Selection of Outputs Available to suit your requirements
  • The Powrmatic & Midea Ranges Of Industrial Air Conditioning units are installed by Airteq using Fully Qualified Refcom Engineers

Industrial Cooling Products to suit your needs

Powrmatic have a wide selection of industrial cooling units available ranging from

  • Wall Mounted
  • Ceiling Wall
  • Cassette
  • Floor/Ceiling
  • Ducted
  • Multi Units

Outputs range from 2.0kW with multiple units capable of any sizes.

climapacThe Powermatic ClimapacTwin Duct packaged air conditioners were specifically designed for ease of installation. An aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and virtually silent operating heat pump means this will soon become the unit of choice for many customers. This range does not require an external condenser and can be installed from within the building as no external access is required. Performance 2.36kw cooling – 3.86kw heating.